Brock and Noah

stocky_dudes_brockfulton_noahelliott_affiliate_1 Noah is back and this time he has a hot otter chaser named Brock with him. Brock and Noah waste notime making out and you get to watch the action. The dudes kiss, lick, and get undressed and before you know it Noah has Brock’s 8 inches at full attention.

Noah loves cock no matter if it’s down his throat or up his hole and we get to see him worship Brock’s meat. Once he’s at full mast Brock flips Noah over and starts sucking Noah’s cock. Once he’s got it nice and wet he throws Noah’s legs in the air and buries his face in Noah’s ass. Now wet with spit Brock slides a few fingers in while Noah moans with pleasure.

Brock gets stocky_dudes_brockfulton_noahelliott_affiliate_17on top of Noah and slides his big dick down Noah’s throat, face fucking him and loving every second of it. The guys change positions and Noah continues his cock worship for a bit before returning the ass eating favor and slobbering all over Brock’s furry hole.

This get’s Brock ready for the main event and he gets Noah ass up and lubes his already wet ass, spreads Noah’s cheeks and slides all 8 inches of his thick meat totally into Noah’s ass bareback.

Brock is already worked up from all the horny foreplay and its not long after pumping Noah’s bare hole that he yells “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” and pulls out just in time to blast his load all over Noah’s ass and hole before slidingstocky_dudes_brockfulton_noahelliott_affiliate_13 right backĀ up inside Noah pushing his load in deep and breeding Noah’s chubby ass.

After a few more pumps Brock pulls out and Noah gives some hot ATM action and cleans off Brock’s sticky cock with his mouth.

Now it’s time for Noah to bust his load. He works his cock while Brock helps him by squeezing his balls and sucking his cock until Noah sprays a thick white load all over them. Noah even licks up some of his load while Brock watches.

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