Bronx and Zeke Have a Romp

stocky_dudes_bronx_zeke_aff_1Zeke is back and this time with our new buddy Bronx. Zeke was hanging out in town for the weekend and Bronx had never met him so I connected the two of them for a evening out at the movies and when we got back to the room they decided they wanted to play.

If you stocky_dudes_bronx_zeke_aff_5are a fan of more quiet, sensual sex sessions you will enjoy this one. The two stocky dudes make out and quickly move on to oral, Zeke gets Bronx boner wet and then Bronx eats out Zeke’s hairy hole before sliding is thick Bronx cock deep into Zeke bareback. The guys bunp and grind in a few positions and then both give us a view of their thick loads. Bronx shoots all over his tummy and Zeke gets on top of Bronx and spills his cum into Bronx open mouth.


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