Cute Cub Noah Bends Over For Vega

stocky_dudes_noah_vega_01By popular demand Noah Elliott is back and this time he brought his sexy chaser buddy Vega Ottovani along. Noah had been at the beach and got a bit of a sunburn on his back but hopefully you’ll forgive him after you see how hot he looks getting nailed up his cub hole by Vega’s long cock.

The dudes make out and strip down and then Nostocky_dudes_noah_vega_49ah starts slurping down Vega’s cock till it’s nice and engorged. Vega bends Noah over and worships his thick chubby ass and starts getting Noah warmed up by fingering his hole. This is all Noah needs and before you know it Vega is pounding away at Noah’s tight hole in multiple positions. We dare you to not blow your load when Vega starts pounding Noah from behind, it gets loud and hot.

Then the guys astocky_dudes_noah_vega_79re ready to cum. Vega strokes off his long cock first spraying a huge thick load that covers Noah’s leg. Vega doesn’t waste any time and strokes Noah until he shoots his own cub load out of his thick red cock.

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