Football Player Fuckdown

stocky_dudes_colt-woods_caesar-valero_affiliate_1Remember that big stocky sexy football player you lusted after in school? The one with the sexy face, big solid build, and what you could only imagine was a big thick cock that you wanted down your throat or pounding away at your hole? Well we found him and his name is Colt Woods. After a little persuading we managed to get him to show us all just how he liked to fuck and it’s exactly what you would have wanted, and more!

Join Colt and a his sexy scene partner Caesar Valero as we watch them do it all, and even better, bareback! Caesar is a sexy latin with smoldering bedroom eyes and a body that will make cub lovers swoon.

stocky_dudes_colt-woods_caesar-valero_affiliate_4Colt and Caesar make out for us and start to strip down. The clothes come off and we see Colt’s big, thick, curved cock is already rock hard and ready. Caesar kneels down and starts worshipping it. It’s so big and thick you can see Colt’s cock head outline on the side of Caesar’s cheek as he sucks it. Damn!

Colt returns the favor and goes down on Caesar’s uncut meat getting it to attention. The guys stroke each other and we get a great view of Caesar’s dick again. Caesar sucks Colt some more and then it’s time to take a ride on that big fuck stick.

Colt throws Caesar’s legs in the air and slides balls deep bareback inside Caesar. We get a great view of the penetration, too. That fat cock looks amazing pounding away at Caesar’s hole.

stocky_dudes_colt-woods_caesar-valero_affiliate_6Caesar takes a break and goes back down on Colt’s greasy cock in some hot ass to mouth action that will have those that like that sorta thing going wild. Colt grunts and we can tell really likes the warm wet mouth around his tool. He hold’s Caesars head and says “yea, suck that dick.”

Time for some more fucking as Colt takes Caesar from behind. Thrusting his fat hog up Caesar’s bare hole we watch him really pound away at that ass. You can tell this is really Colt’s favorite offensive position.
Caesar goes back down on Colt’s dick and gets it ready for another fuck position. We love watching that big meat getting sucked on and Caesar is happy to do it.

Caesar gets Colt on his back and straddles Colt’s thick body on the bed. Then Caesar lowers himself onto Colt’s hard, thick, bare cock and goes for a ride you just have to see to believe.

Once he’s had all he can take the guys go at it some more with some hot oral action. Both Caesar and Colt take turns sucking each others cocks until Caesar is the first to blow his hot, thick, white load while Colt jerks over him watching. Not to be left out, Colt sprays his own runny white load all over Caesar’s furry amazing ass and we watch Colt’s cum drip down Caesar’s hole and balls. What a session! Keep an eye out at the end for a little bonus shower footage, too.

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