Noah and The Monster Cub

stocky_dudes_noah_hunter_aff_1Recently we were at one of the largest bear events in the USA held every year called TBRU (Texas Bear Round Up). It’s an awesome event with thousands of bears, cubs, chubs, and chasers from all over the world. We took Noah Elliott along with us as well as Colt Woods.

Well, also attending the event was our buddy Hunter Scott (The Monster Cub from He and Noah met and hit it off and after the event was over they decided they wanted to try out the new Bear Skn Underwear they picked up at the event. Well, once it was on and they were dressed the vibe in the room went from happy to horny and so we decided to film what transpired for you!

The guys start making out and soon Hunter is already in control, stripping them down and grinding their underwear together. Noah knows what’s waiting for him in Hunter’s Bear Skn undies and wastes no time getting them down and his mouth around Hunter’s growing member.

stocky_dudes_noah_hunter_aff_4Once Noah has Hunter’s MonsterCub cock nice and stiff he sticks his ass in the air and presents it for Hunter to finger, probe, and lube up. Hunter gets Noah’s hole
ready and we get to watch him POUND Noah’s ass like only he can, drilling deep, pulling Noah’s hair back and making him moan so loud we thought we were going to have to tell them to
be quieter!

stocky_dudes_noah_hunter_aff_9Once Noah’s taken a good pounding from behind, standing, and on his back, he gets Hunter to lay down and Noah gives us all some hot ass-to-mouth action and goes back down on Hunter’s dick. Noah sucks it, strokes it, and gives Hunter’s nipples a good working over until Hunter’s Monster Cub cock sprays it’s load right into Noah’s open mouth. Noah licks it up, too. Hot!

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