Noah Elliott’s first video (behind the scenes)

I remember this video clearly! It was my first time using a new set of lights for the videos and also the first time I was filming with 3 totally new guys. Noah Elliott, Marco Cross, and Mitch Owen. All three hot but all three new to getting naked and fucking on video.

The guys were great, but little did I know how popular Noah would be. He has since returned several times and you guys love him. I have to admit, who wouldn’t love that amazing ass and silky hole. (Trust me, his hole would milk the load out of even the most stubborn cock).

stocky_dudes_marco_noah_mitch.Still022The filming was hot, literally. It was so hot that at one point my new lighting equipment started burning out, one by one I would hear pop! buzzzzz! pop! But they guys were so horny and into it they just kept at it until all three had shot big sticky loads.

All three of these dudes have gone on to do more videos for Stocky Dudes, but Noah has become the most popular of the three. If you want to follow Noah on twitter you can do so here. Additionally, you can see every scene Noah has appeared in by following the button below.

What kinds of things would you like to see Noah do on video? Let me know!


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