Parolee Violation

monster_cub_parolee_violation_aff_8Many have wondered why Lanz has an ankle monitor. Well, we aren’t going to tell you why, but we are going to show you what he goes through when he deals with his Parole Officer. Rusty McMann is all business when he stops by Lanz‘s house for a random drug test. Lanz is surprised, does the best he can to comply with Rusty’s demands. Lanz has trouble pissing into the cup. Instead his dick starts to get hard and Rusty takes notice. monster_cub_parolee_violation_aff_2Rusty offers Lanz an ultimatum and tells him he has to be strip searched for contraband. Lanz reluctantly complies and Rusty begins to rough up Lanz and munch on his ass. Lanz takes Rusty’s pink pierced daddy dick into his mouth and sucks his way to freedom. After rimming each other, Rusty gets Lanz up against the wall and starts to pound his ass and tear up his hole. Lanz loves every second of it, and you will too!

From our friend Hunter Scott over at Monster Cub


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