Skott Locke and Derrick Frey

stocky_dudes_skott_derrick_affiliate_1If you enjoy men that are really into each other and if lots of ass eating and bareback fucking are your thing, then this scene is a sure bet! Scott Locke and Derrick Frey lock lips, hips, and holes in this 30 minute long steamy sex scene.

The men start out kissing and making out on the bed. Derrick straddles Skott and Skott unzips his fly releasing Derrick’s already stiff dick. Derrick returns the favor and soon both men’s dicks are revealed and they are rock hard. Derrick wastes no time and starts working Skott’s cock with his cub mouth. Scott returns the favor as the guys finish stripping down more sucking stocky_dudes_skott_derrick_affiliate_13and stiff cocksĀ are displayed.

The guys get into 69 position and Skott works his way up to Derrick’s furry hole with his fingers and mouth. Here we get a great view of Derrick’s amazing ass. Scott moves Derrick into the ass up position and forces his face into the bed with his hands behind him. Now he has full access to Derrick’s fuckable hole and Skott gets it soaking wet with his spit and spreads it open for us to see.

This has gotten Skott’s cock as hard as steel at this point and he is ready to slide inside Derrick which he does. No condoms here! First he pumps him from behind and then moves Derrick to his back and fucks him legs up while we get a hot view of the action fromĀ underneath. Then the guys change position and Derrick gets on top of Skott and rides him both ways cowboy style before Skott turns him on his side and fucks Derrick more.

stocky_dudes_skott_derrick_affiliate_15The men move back to the edge of the bed where Derrick sticks his ass in the air and is ready to get a hard pounding and breeding from Skott. Skott pounds him good and ends up cumming ropes of white jizz on Derrick’s hole that he then pushes back in and fucks Derrick with. Skott fingers Derrick’s sloppy hole and Derrick licks Skott’s fingers clean before Derrick pumps out his own load which sprays clear up to his face as Skott licks Derrick’s taint and sucks on his balls.

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