Two Bottoms, One Top

Get ready to watch a hung top chstocky_dudes_marco_noah_mitch_affiliate_1ub give two sexy bottom cubs a hot raw fucking in a three-way scene that was so hot it made the lights in the room blow out!

The scene starts with the guys making out but quickly start to disrobe and Marco swallows Mitch’s big dick down his throat while Noah kisses and watches. Then Noah gets his turn to go down on Mitch’s meat as the boys ramp up for the hot fuck scene about to happen.

After the guys trade off blowing Mitch’s stiff dick Marco sucks Noah and then gets on top of Mitch and fucks his face with his latin meat while Noah slobbers on some more of Mitch’s cock.

stocky_dudes_marco_noah_mitch_affiliate_6Marco is ready have his hole penetrated and gets on all fours while Mitch comes at him from behind sliding his spit covered cock deep in Marco’s hole. This turns up the heat and Marco starts moaning like a little bitch telling Mitch to “fuck that hole” while he sucks Noah.

Then it’s Noah’s turn as he gets ass up in the air and Marco eats his hole and gets it wet for Mitcstocky_dudes_marco_noah_mitch_affiliate_18h’s impending dick. Marco massages Noah’s hole open and we get a hot look at his amazing ass. Then Mitch spits on his cock and before you know it Noah is getting both holes stuffed and making noises that will send you over the edge. Mitch calls Noah a “dirty bitch” and that just makes him hornier sucking Marco until he is the first to bust his load all over Noah’s open mouth. Then it’s Mitch’s turn to cum and he doesn’t disappoint as he blows a big, thick, white load. All this has gotten Noah ready to shoot as well and he lays back and pumps his own cock until he sends a glob of cum flying all over his hand and down his cock.

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