What is a Stocky Dude?

When I created this site back in 2009 I wanted it to be different. Something that would let me showcase the “bigger” gay male community without a one word label. I tried to think of a term that didn’t pin me down to just one body type. Stocky came to mind.

Stocky can mean a lot of things depending on the situation. It can mean built, solid, chubby, and even encompass the bear spectrum.

I wanted to be able to show hot, sexy guys of all ages, but also focus on the younger more youthful “cub” and “chub” guys while also allowing those that love them like Otters and Chasers to get in on the fun. I think I have been able to accomplish that but I am always looking to expand with fresh faces and different combinations.

About the Author

Brandon Ramm

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Creator of the StockyDudes.com brand. Brandon has been appearing on screen in hot gay entertainment since 2008. A lover of all types of guys, especially ones with a little extra to hold on to.

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