Zeke and Craig’s Raunchy Flip Fuck

Gentlemen sstocky_dudes_craig_zeke_aff_1tart your engines! Zeke Johnson and Craig Cruz get downright raunchy in this video so if you are a fan of eager cock sucking with lots of deep throat action, sloppy ass eating, verbal sex, and bareback flip fucking this video is for you. On top of all that Craig Cruz makes his debut in the top position in this video as well and gives Zeke a hard cub pounding. This is not kiss and cuddle porn, this is fucking hot sex.

Zeke and Craig star out with the usual kissing and soon get naked, the oral action begins with Craig waking up Zeke’s tool, then Zeke getting Craig’s cock nice hand hard and stiff. Craig throws Zeke’s legs in the air and gives him a full face rimjob that will have you leaking precum in no time. Craig gets Zeke’s ass wet and sloppy and ready for his cock. The bottle of lube was never used! Craig slides his fat cub dick deep up Zeke’s bare ass and starts pounding, making Zeke fall deep in ecstasy.

stocky_dudes_craig_zeke_aff_4At this point Craig is all hot and sweaty, so he takes a break to give Zeke one of the most eager blowjobs I’ve ever seen, spit and precum are everywhere and Craig worships Zeke’s dick with hot deep throat and gagging action. We are treated to a hot view of Craig’s amazing ass, too.

Once Zeke is rock fuckin hard from all this raunchy oral attention Craig gets on all fours and Zeke dives balls deep up that sweet ass and starts to pound Craig’s hole. We get to watch as Zeke gives Craig a wet, sloppy fucking from behind until he pulls out and sprays his Zeke seed all over Craig’s tramp stamp. Once hes shot his load Zeke slides his cum covered cock right back up Craig’s gaping hole and we get an amazing view of him spreading his load up inside Craig’s ass.

This was astocky_dudes_craig_zeke_aff_5 hot, exhausting session and Craig needed a break once his hole was wet with Zeke’s cum. Craig took a time out to catch his breath while Zeke was showering. He decided to stroke some more but because he was so turned on from this session with Zeke; his load snuck up on him and I barely had time to grab the camera before Craig shoots one of the thickest ropes of cum I have ever seen high into the air. Phew! What a hot video. I challenge you to make it all the way to the end without cumming.

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